6 & 7 September 2018

A multidisciplinary experience with songs, dance, and music of Latin American roots, Andean sounds, and popular music from our own city’s streets will be brought to us by the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation in its Chilean Music Program.

This “Symphonic Orogenesis” will be performed by the Concepción Symphony and UdeC Choir with the Concepción 14 music group and the Colectivo Incorpórea dance company on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 September at 19:00 in the UdeC Theater.

“Orogenesis” is the title of the second disc recorded by Concepción 14, a music fusion group led by Pablo Lara, and refers to the geological process that forms montains. It is also a journey through Latin American music and the sounds of Concepción city downtown and different locations in the region. On this occasion, the music material will be performed in a symphonic and choral format, thanks to the arrangements made by the group with Edgardo “Yayo” Durán, Pedro Millar, and Rodrigo “Peje” Durán, who is also a cellist in the Symphony Orchestra.

The performance program includes “Orogenesis”, “La Perú”, “Consuelo Araucano”, “Playa Negra”, “Todo en Cocholgüe”, “Danza del Agua”, “Dibujos Ausentes”, “Huay Not”, “La Brisa del Atardecer”, “Contumacia en Barros”, “Cincofonía” and “Impresión de los Andes”, as well as arrangements of Víctor Jara’s “Manifiesto”, and Violeta Parra’s “La Sentencia”.

During the performance by the Concepción Symphony Orchestra, UdeC Choir (director: Carlos Traverso), Concepción 14, and Colectivo Incorpórea (director: Lisette Navarrete), visual creations by Belén Droguett will be screened, accompanied with texts created and read by Carmen Veloso, and graphics by Rodrigo Melgarejo. Music direction will be in the hands of Resident Conductor Pablo Carrasco.

Entrance fees for these performances: Lower tier: $6,000; UdeC staff: $4,500; Upper tier: $4,000; Balcony & Students: $3,000.-

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