The University of Concepción Cultural Corporation is a private, non-profit institution which depends on the University of Concepción. It is directed by a Board of University authorities. It also has a Manager who works with a management team and the stable artistic ensembles in order to perform the necessary tasks for accomplishing the institutional goals. Their main task is to develop the programs of the Symphony Orchestra, Choir and Theater, including cinema, jazz and performing arts of high quality and appeal to wide audiences.


University of Concepción Cultural Corporation Board

Sergio Lavanchy Merino – President

María Soledad González Sierra – Vice President

Marcos Delucchi Fonck – Secretary

Alejandro Santa María Sanzana – Treasurer

Bernardo Suazo Peña – Director



Promoting art and culture in the community as a contribution to the enrichment, at a regional and national level, of people’s vision about the challenges of contemporary creation and the solutions that knowledge in the diverse areas of humanities, art and culture provides to the development of the region, Chile and the world.


To be a leading institution in Southern Chile in the creation, development and promotion of high-quality cultural activities and the formation of new audiences.