25 September 2017

The 2017 Cinema Mondays series presents “El Cristo ciego” (“The Blind Christ”), a Chilean film premiered at the Venice Festival and awarded with the Critics’ Prize at the Cartagena de Indias Film Festival. It will be screened on 25 September at 15:00, 19:00 and 21:30 in the UdeC Theater.

$1,200 (general audience) and $600 (students).

Michael, a young mechanic, claims he’s had a divine revelation in the desert. Not believing him at all, his neighbors consider him the town’s fool. When he hears that a childhood friend has been in an accident, he drops everything and sets out on a pilgrimage, walking barefoot to his bedside to perform a miracle. This begins to draw the attention of the people exploited by the mining companies and drug addicts, who see him as a new Christ capable of transforming their difficult life in the Chilean desert.

Director: Christopher Murray / Country: Chile / Duration: 85 minutes / For audiences over 14 years old.

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