New play by Teatro La Concepción

• For the first time in a decade, a theater company from Concepción will premiere a play at the UdeC Theater.
• More than 50 artists on scene will bring this show to life (4 actors and actresses, 8 extras, 40 musicians plus designers, producers, technicians, etc).
• The show includes live music by the UdeC Students Orchestra.
• Following a series of successes and awards, including their appearance in the “Santiago a Mil” festival during two consecutive years (“La razón blindada” in 2015, and “La Luna” in 2016), a Fondart funded tour, the Entepola Festival, and the Temporales Teatrales in Puerto Montt, the company premieres its ninth play since its foundation in 2008.
• The company tackles an original script that combines orchestral music played live and elements used in previous productions.

The Teatro La Concepción Company invites you to its ninth production, SATIRICAL SYMPHONY, to be staged at the UdeC Theater.
This production is supported by the National Council for the Arts and Culture, and the regional FONDART fund for creation and production, in association with the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation (Corcudec), the Municipality of Concepción, and Animal-Bit.
“This idea has its origins in the company and the desire to merge theatrical language and orchestral music, including elements from mass, clown and buffo theater, as well as the majestic orchestral music played live”, commented Juan Aguilera.

The play: Satirical Symphony
A trio of jesters went too far in their show for the king, who then ordered their beheading. On the first day, Nino, the older, is beheaded. Before Yoyo, the middle one, loses his head, they escape from prison and swear to stage a new show — a show so good that it will make the king laugh to death. The brothers Pipo and Yoyo will go through a series of events before being able to act for the court and bring the deadly laughter.
The original idea was expanded with jester workshops by the specialist José Araya, who came several times from Santiago during the rehearsal process in order to enrich the vision and experience of the jesters through workshops and experiences related to the theme. Moreover, Jose Araya played a role in the direction of acting.

About the company
Teatro La Concepción is a theater company that has presented its productions in festivals and stages in such countries as England, France, Germany, Belgium, México, Argentina, Venezuela, Perú and Chile. The company brings together on stage the dramaturgy, the acting, the music and the design, and – based on the study of the human behavior in society – takes the challenge of creating an extraordinary material that touches politics, brings humor and stimulates reflection in the audience.

The design
The integral design is a creation by the well-known Chilean designer Germán Droghetti, who has been the “number one” designer in opera over the last 30 years, and joined this project with the aim of creating a first-rate work. Droghetti has worked in numerous opera productions for the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation, which was also a reason for inviting him to this production, since he knows very well the spaces and possibilities of the UdeC Theater. However, his greatest contribution to the visual aspect of this project is the costumes – he designed more than twenty of them. Droghetti has displayed his design work in Tokyo, New York, Cologne and many other places around the world.

Cast: Francisca Ovalle, Cristóbal Gesell, Cristóbal Troncoso & Juan Aguilera
Direction: Teatro La Concepción & José Araya
Music: UdeC Students Orchestra (40 musicians)
Conductor: Jorge Inzunza
Integral Design: Germán Droghetti
Lighting: Enzo D’Arcangeli
General Production: Juan Ríos Molina
Extras: María José Yáñez, Alda Salazar, Francisca Clemo, Marco Camus, George Swaneck, Luciano Recabarren, Rodrigo Beltran & Byron Molina

Company: Teatro La Concepción
Playwright: Juan Pablo Aguilera and Danilo Pedreros
Description: Jesters Pipo and Yoyo plan to make the king laugh to death as a revenge for the killing of their brother.
Venue: UdeC Theater
Time: 19:30
Date: August 29, 30 & 31
Admission with free invitations that must be obtained at the Theater’s box office.