16 August 2018

Everyone should have a space to show their art. That’s the premise under which the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation launches the “Pop&Rock at UdeC Theater” series, which offers a stage for emerging and well-established bands, both regional and national.

“Pop&Rock at UdeC Theater” starts on Thursday 16 August at 19:00 with three renown local bands who had successful performances in previous editions of the Festival Rec: “Adolescentes sin edad”, “Intruso”, and “Los Insolentes”.

“Adolescentes sin edad” is a band of dream pop, jangle pop, shoegaze and new wave, consisting of Marcelo Francois (guitar and voice), Marcelo Arredondo (drums), Ítalo Polizzi (bass), and Sergio Sepúlveda (guitar and keyboards). Founded at the beginning of 2015 and winner of the 2018 Ceres Prize for Best Video Clip, the band shows influences from New Order and The Cure, also including more contemporary artists such as DIIV, Beach Fossils, and Craft Spells. In 2017 they released their homonymous EP, and they are about to release their first disc.

“Intruso” is an alternative rock band with members from Concepción and Coronel: Jorge Hernández (guitar and voice), and Francisco Intveen (guitar, programming and backing vocals). Mixing dark rock and melancholic pop, they have been influenced by the sounds of British bands such as Joy Division, Radiohead, and Oasis. For this performance at the UdeC Theater, they are joined by guest musicians Flavio Henríquez (bass), and Fabián Monares (drums). Currently, they are promoting their disc “Silencio”.

Finally, “Los Insolentes” is a band with clear rock influences, formed in 2012, and today including Cristián Núñez (main vocalist and guitar), Víctor Hernández (drums), Felipe Arriagada (first guitar), and Eduardo Salgado (bass). In 2014, they released their first EP, and in 2016 their first homonymous disc, chosen the following year as the best rock pop album by Radio Futuro. Currently, they are working on a new production.

The entrance fee to “Pop&Rock at the UdeC Theater” is $3,000. Tickets can be purchased at the theater’s box office.