15 June 2017

This morning, the Municipality of Coelemu and the Universidad of Concepción Cultural Corporation signed a cooperation agreement which will directly benefit the students of that county.

Corcudec manager Lilian Quezada and Coelemu’s Major Alejandro Pedreros agreed to cowork continuously and closely for the music instruction of youth and children, also including the students of higher education who live in the student residencies which that county has in Concepción.

The partnering institutions aim at creating a pole for the development of music in Coelemu, taking advantage of the small orchestras already existing in this county’s educational institutions and having in mind the importance of art in the life and future prospects of every student.

This partnership will make possible the attendance of teacher and student groups to the general rehearsals and concerts of the Concepción Symphony Orchestra, as well was the Cinema Mondays series. Additionally, it was agreed to work with teachers from Coelemu in the creation of a methodology to discuss the concerts and rehearsals in the classroom with the students, providing a more complete experience for each one of them.