April 18, 2016

The 2016 Cinema Mondays series, produced by the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation, presents the film “Miss You Already”. Screenings will be on Monday, April 18, at 15:00, 19:00 and 21:30 in the UdeC Theater. Entrance fee: $1,200 (general audience), $600 (students).

Milly is a woman who has everything: a successful career; a rock-star husband and two beautiful children. Her best friend is Jess, who works in a community garden, lives in a boathouse with her boyfriend Jago and desperately wants a baby. Friends since childhood, Jess and Milly can’t remember a time they didn’t share secrets, clothes, even boyfriends; their differences are the glue that binds them together. That is until Milly is hit with the news that she has breast cancer and needs Jess’s support more than ever. Jess tries to balance her own life as well as being there for Milly. It is only a matter of time before the pressure takes its toll. With Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore.

Director: Catherine Hardwicke / Country: United Kingdom / Duration: 112 minutes / For audiences older than 14.

Box office is open on Mondays from 12:00 to 21:30; Tuesdays to Fridays, from 12:00 to 20:00, and Saturdays from 12:00 to 17:00. In case of a concert, theater play or other activity, the box office will remain open until the event starts.

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