Lines of work

Lines of Action:
From 2006, Corcudec has developed a culture management model that has placed it in the national scene as a prestigious artistic institution. Corcudec carries out diverse programs involving music, theater, dance and cinema, and also contributes to cultural development by systematically building audience loyalty and creating new audiences, a work that has earned international recognition. The work model involves 4 specific lines which, together, strengthen and make visible the work of the institution. These are:

a.- Arts Development:
An annual programming that combines diverse series and events of music, theater, dance and cinema taking place in the UdeC Theater as well as other stages in the Bío Bío Region and Chile. This involves:

  • Concepción Symphony Orchestra programming: Symphony Concerts’ Season, and the activities fostering connections to the social environment through chamber, Christmas, young talents’, outreach and didactic concerts, as well as opera and dance.
  • University Choir programming in its symphonic and chamber formats.
  • A cinema program known as the ‘Cinema Mondays’ series.
  • A performing arts program called ‘Theater in the Theater’.
  • Other artistic and cultural activities involving audience building and mediation.

b.- Audience Building:

Plan for motivating the involvement of audiences and their attendance to the programs proposed by the University Cultural Corporation through the divulgation of the cultural heritage in the traditional programs as well as in new formats and media.

c.- Development of Territoriality:

The Concepción Symphony Orchestra has been devoted to disseminating music in our region with a characteristic excellence and a focus on building new audiences and motivating young musicians. Its contribution to cultural development involves the performing of an international repertoire, but also music with national identity. The annual programming is organized in two areas: the Official Season with symphony and chamber concerts, and the Program of Connection to the Social Environment, including Christmas, young talents’, Chilean music, outreach and didactic concerts, as well as opera and dance.

d.- Action for an effective communication:

This area allows implementing and developing a communications plan that supports the other lines of work, a fundamental task for promoting artistic development, attracting and forming loyal audiences and generating new circuits and spaces for the dissemination of cultural assets. For this purpose, it’s essential to optimize the corporate structure using the diverse social media and co-working with other cultural entities and infrastructures. This involves the development of strategic alliances for cultural communication with broad partnership agreements at a regional, national and international level with diverse entities, both public and private.