About 300 people attended the lecture ‘Carmina Burana, a different proposal’, organized by the Directorate of Cultural Outreach and the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation. The event was part of the ‘Lectures to Discover Music’ series and took place on Thursday, November 12th at 18:00 in the UdeC Theater.

On this ocassion, conductor Darío Domínguez and choreographic director Patricio Gutiérrez talked about their work in the preparation of ‘Carmina Burana’, the famous cantata by German composer Carl Orff. The Concepción Symphony Orchestra with the UdeC Choir and Ballet, plus soloist dancers and singers, will perform this staging, which is only the second Chilean project ever made incorporating dance into the Orff’s cantata.

Patricio Gutiérrez pointed out that in this version ‘we’ll see choreographic elements which are very contemporary, and the reflection of a society in which the power element, in conjunction with deceit and hypocrisy, will destroy the world.’ He continued: ‘I have based my proposal in the [original Medieval] verses, which speak about the giving up of spiritual life, the embracing of love, wine, etc. Finally, everything is consumed by fire, showing that we’ll have to start over so a new society may be born.’

Darío Domínguez commented about the musical elements developed by German composer Carl Orff in his work. The conductor explained that Orff, ‘using rhythmic patterns which are very simple and very repetitive, was able to create a great work, very much enriched through the orchestration.’

After the lecture, the audience enjoyed the general rehearsal of the staging. Performances of ‘Carmina Burana’ will take place on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November at 19:00 in the UdeC Theater, and tickets are already completely sold out.