The University of Concepción sends an open invitation to the whole community to attend the acclaimed dance staging of ‘Carmina Burana’ that will be performed with free admission on Saturday 28th November at 21:30 on the front steps of the University Central Library.

The University, by means of its Cultural Corporation (Corcudec), will offer this open-air performance with free admission, thanks to the huge success reached by the Concepción Symphony Orchesta and the UdeC Choir and Ballet with ‘Carmina Burana’ in the UdeC Theater, and considering also the large number of people who couldn’t attend.

So, next Saturday the audience will be able to admire the same staging as in the UdeC Theater, centered on such topics as power, deceit, gambling and lust, enacted under the choreographic direction of maestro Patricio Gutiérrez. It reflects the contemporary society, with its hypocrisies, vices and dualities, represented by the symbol of the Wheel of Fortune.

Choreographic Director: Patricio Gutiérrez / Music Director: Darío Domínguez / Sets, lighting and costumes: Germán Droghetti / UdeC Choir Director: Carlos Traverso / Ballet Coordinator: Antonio Cortés.

Dancers: Lucas Moya & Pablo Barckhahn. / Singers: Patricia Cifuentes (soprano), Maximiliano Rivas (tenor) & Ramiro Maturana (baritone).