One of the most significant events of 2004, and a proof of the University’s commitment to cultural development, was the creation of its Cultural Corporation.

In 1989, the University Board approved to transfer the Concepción Symphony Orchestra management from its Directorate of Extension to the newly created Bío Bío Cultural Corporation, an entity whose members included the University of Concepción.

As soon as the Concepción Symphony was transferred to the Bío Bío Cultural Corporation, the press and the University annual reports showed a permanent concern for the situation of the Orchestra. Its difficult circumstances prompted the University Board to resume the management of the Concepción Symphony. By the end of 1996, it was approved to transform the Bío Bío Cultural Corporation into the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation over the following years.

Today, the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation is responsible for managing the Symphony Orchestra, Choir and Theater of the educational institution. To that end, it has conducted an intense work plan that has positioned the Orchestra as the main culture-generating entity in Southern Chile.

Furthermore, the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation conducts other widely successful programs, such as the Theater in the Theater series and the Cinema Tuesdays.