02 December 2017

The University of Concepción invites the whole community to the dance show “Presencia de América Latina” to be staged on Saturday 02 December at 21:30, on the University’s Central Library atrium. Admission is free, no invitations required.

This dance show produced by the University’s Cultural Corporation and premiered to a full-house in early November gathers together the Concepción Symphony Orchestra with 15 musicians and 28 dancers from the University’s Folk Ballet. They will take us in a journey through works from Chile, Argentina, México, Panamá, Perú, Venezuela and Cuba, in a multidisciplinary spectacle including instrumental music, dance and singing.

“Presencia de América Latina” includes the following music pieces: “Alegoría (Chilean cueca)”, “La quintralada”, “Inche Lautaro”, “La concheperla”, “Landó”, “Festejo”, “Libertango”, “Joropo”, “Viva Panamá”, “Mi nombre es México”, “Son de la negra”, “Boleros”, “La rebelión”, “Interludio” (Danzón n° 2), “Embrujo”, “Cinco siglos igual” and “Fuerza”. Antonio Cortés is the choreographic director, and Pablo Sáez leads the Ballet’s Music Ensemble; music arrangements are by Celso Torres, Guillermo Rifo, Rodrigo Tapia and maestro Francisco Núñez Palacios who is also the music director of this show.

This gift from the University to the community is a response to the numerous people who were not able to attend any of the performances offered earlier this month.

For this performance, the stage will be located on the Library’s atrium, and the audience on the central lawn. Giant screens will be set, as well as security measures including perimeter fences, policemen and ambulances. Restrooms will aso be available. We recommend our audience, if possible, to attend early, with calm and on foot to prevent traffic jams.