Diverse activities that will take place in the University of Concepción were announced in a meeting held at the Pinacoteca (UdeC art gallery).

On the occasion, the Director of Cultural Outreach, María Soledad González, with Edson Faúndez, Director of Sello Editorial (UdeC publisher), and Lilian Quezada, Manager of the UdeC Cultural Corporation, introduced the calendar of the events that will start in December, and launched the 2016 Summer School, entitled ‘The sound and its living spaces.’

María Soledad González pointed out that ‘the collaborative work strengthens the three institutions and allows to build a more solid program of activities.’ As an example, she announced two art exhibitions for different audiences by artists Sady Mora and Edgardo Neira, and the event called ‘Literary Map’ which will take place on November 28th and 29h and will combine literature with the locations mentioned in different books.

Edson Faúndez, from Sello Editorial UdeC, announced the Second Contest of Academic Books, which will award prizes to two books produced by academics of the University of Concepción. The awarded books will be published as a way of promoting the divulgation of creative works.

Regarding the Corcudec activities, outreach concerts were announced for December 2nd, 3rd and 4th in Los Ángeles, Yungay and the Navy’s Submarine School, as well as the traditional Christmas concerts which will take place on December 15th to 19th in the Quiriquina Island, Mulchén, Chillán, Los Ángeles and the UdeC Forum, all these activities with free admission. Annoucements also included the last film in the Cinema Monday series on November 23rd and the theater play ‘Tu mujer tiene un amante, mi marido también’ (‘Your wife has a lover, my husband too’), which will be performed on Wednesday 25th this month.

Summer School

The theme ’The sound and its living spaces’ will be the focus of the different activities scheduled for January 2016, with an opening lecture given by the Chilean conductor Paolo Bortolameolli, who will also led the Concepción Symphony Orchestra in a program with classical and popular pieces on January 8th in the Forum.

Along with this, there will be discussion groups, exhibitions, panels and poetry readings on January 12th, 13th and 14th; the Second Fair of Chilean University Publishers on January 11th to 16th; the Eighth Meeting of International Folklore on Wednesday 13th; the awards ceremony of the ‘Concepción in 100 Words’ contest on Tuesday 19th; the International Harp Festival on Wednesday 20th; and the radio drama ‘Cruces hacia el mar’ (‘Crosses looking to the sea’) on Thursday 21st, as well as many other activities. The 2016 Summer School will end on January 22nd with the ‘Vuelven los ’80’ (‘The 80s are back’) concert performed by the Concepción Symphony Orchestra.