January 13, 2016

The ‘Theater in the Theater’ summer series, produced by the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation, presents the comedy “Estamos bien aquí abajo los 5” [“We are OK here, the 5 of us”]. The performance will take place on Wednesday, January 13, at 20:30 in the UdeC Theater.

Admission fees are: Preferential tier: $12,000 / Lower and Upper tier: $9,000 / Students and balcony: $5,000.

Based on the 33 miners who were trapped in the collapse of the San José Mine in Northern Chile, Rodrigo Muñoz and Rodrigo Bastidas scripted and direct this play whose protagonists are four miners and an insurance salesman. During their confinement in the mine, they experience different situations that invite the audience to reflect on the Chilean idiosyncrasy. They imagine an epic rescue and the ensuing fame. However, after 40 days they realize that no one is searching for them…

Actors Renato Munster, Claudio Valenzuela, Andrés Pozo, Álvaro Pacul, Eduardo Cristi and Nicolás Mena bring to life the protagonists of this story.

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