November & December 2017

The University of Concepción Cultural Corporation and the Concepción Symphony Orchestra present a new educational season of 2017 with the staging of “Prima Donna”, a theater play with music from the Romantic period, intended for educational institutions.

“Prima Donna” tells the funny story about two young women who get lost and find a gloomy and forgotten mansion inhabited by a bizarre Count and his special servant. The arrival of the young ladies will spark the Counts ambition; however, good sentiments will appear unexpectedly, turning this story into a joyful ode to true love.

In “Prima Donna”, the Concepción Symphony Orchestra will offer a musical journey through the Romantic period, with pieces by composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Gioachino Rossini, Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini. This play was created by René Ulloa, a member of our orchestra. Stage direction is by Gonzalo Cuadra, and stage and costume design by Germán Droghetti. The musicians will be conducted by Pablo Carrasco.

  • Tuesday 28 November, 11:30, Colegio Concepción, Chiguayante.
  • Wednesday 29 November 19:00, Liceo Antonio Salamanca Morales, Coronel.
  • Thursday 30 November, 11:30, Colegio Concepción, San Pedro.

The play is appropriate for school children from first grade on. Approximate duration: 50 minutes.