November 9, 11, 15, 16 and 17, 2016

Indiana Brook, The Quest for the Lost Tomb is a theatrical and musical show that the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation has prepared for the Concepción Symphony’s Second Educational Season. It will be performed free in Chiguayante, Concepción and Coronel.

This successful production was presented last June to more than 5 thousand students, and now will be performed in educational institutions, introducing in a playful way the Classical period in music through its greatest exponent: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The students will be guided by the well-known John Sebastian Brook, a character that appeared in previous educational shows. Now turned into an amateur archeologist, he will solve a riddle surrounding the famous Austrian composer with ingenuity and imagination.

The Orchestra will play well-known works by Mozart, including the overtures to The Abduction from the Seraglio, The Magic Flute, The Impresario and The Marriage of Figaro; Lacrimosa and Rex Tremendae from the Requiem; the air Ein Vogelfanger bin Ich ja from The Magic Flute; Little Night Music; Presto from Symphony Nº 1, and Turkish March (in arrangements by Celso Torres). The orchestral ensemble will play with the UdeC Choir directed by Carlos Traverso, and the local actors Julio Olave, Pamela Gómez, Patricio Gómez, Marco Camus and Ingrid Fierro.

Indiana Brook, The Quest for the Lost Tomb was created by René Ulloa, tubist in our orchestra and creator of other educational shows, including “Jomeo y Rulieta”, “Espinocho” and John Sebastian Brook and the Picardy Third. Gonzalo Cuadra will be the stage director, and set and costume design are by Germán Droghetti. The music of this show will be conducted by Chilean maestro Paolo Bortolameolli.

Wednesday 9, 19:30, Colegio Concepción, Chiguayante (Colón 180).

Friday 11, 12:00, Ceat, San Pedro.

Tuesday 15, 12:00, Colegio Concepción, Pedro de Valdivia (camino a Chiguayante).

Wednesday 16, 11:30, Wessex School (Granada 314-A Vilumanque, Concepción).

Thursday 17, 19:30, Liceo Antonio Salamanca Morales, Coronel (Cochrane 79).