13 & 14 October 2017

“Volver” (“To Return”), a contemporary dance play by Concepción’s renowned choreographer Paola Aste and the Calaukalis Dance Company, will have two performances in the UdeC Theater, on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 October at 19:00.

This work, winner of a 2017 Regional Fondart grant in the Creation line, will be premiered in our city thanks to a joint effort with the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation.

In “Volver”, the human body is the place inhabited by the whole personal and colective history. Throughout our lives, the events in the world and the characters accumulate as sedimentary or geological layers, wrapping and pressing our biological body—mixing together with its substance, they inhabit It as memories and marks. Beyond the conscious remembrance—the “memory of the cerebral self”—the body has its own procedures for imprinting life and its course. When the body remembers, it does so in its own physicality—in contractions, tics, wrinkles, furrows, muscle tension, rhythms, and so on—a language, not rational, but corporal, and whose main feature is its subconscious and involuntarity character. In our case, it’s dance and sign—the body itself being used as a sign, a metaphor of memory and the life journey.

Lastly, the word “Volver”, in one of its definitions, means “to go back to the place of origin”.

This work will be performed by dancers Macarena Nahuelcura, Juanita Paz Saavedra, Eduardo Aguilera and Andrea Briano. Just as in other plays by this company, art direction is by Ricardo Sepúlveda, original music by Cuti Aste, script assistance by Alexis Figueroa, lighting design by Mauricio Campos, costumes by Verónica Garrido, and audiovisual recording by PatagonMedia.

Paola Aste, who was the artistic and academic director of the well-known Centro de Danza Calaucán, is having a very active year, which has included a residency at the Pina-Bausch-Gesamtschule (Germany), the revival of her play “Ay de mi Violeta” for Violeta Parra’s Centenary, and now “Volver”, all this in combination with her teaching work at the Dance and Choreography program in the UNIACC university (Santiago).

Ticket fees for “Volver”: $5,000 general audience, and $2,500 students and balcony.

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