The lecture “Echoes, Consonances and Dissonances: Music and its cultural resonance”, given by Chilean maestro Paolo Bortolameolli, launched the cultural activities of the University of Concepción Summer School.

The event took place on Thursday, January 5, at the Pinacoteca (UdeC Art Gallery). In the occasion, María Soledad González, Director of UdeC Cultural Outreach, gave the kickoff for the program of this year, organized around the topic ‘Sounds and their inhabitable spaces’.

María Soledad González invited the community to come together and dialog during these three weeks, which will include thematic discussion groups, courses and workshops, as well as shows and exhibits. She stated that ‘we wish that, during these weeks, the University of Concepción will become a space where we can think, feel, and certainly dialog about the innumerable meanings that emerge from the possibilities offered by sounds for the creation of inhabitable spaces.’

For his part, the young Chilean conductor Paolo Bortolameolli, was in charge of opening the program with a lively lecture which included a tour through musical pieces, focusing on their consonances and dissonances. Playing a piano, he invited the audience to sharpen their senses and listen to the details of every piece, remembering the historical and emotional context in which it was created.

Bortolameolli pointed out that ‘we are somehow structured in such a way that our expectations shape how we anticipate the musical or narrative moments, and certainly an unexpected silence or dissonance is like a fraud on our expectations’. He added that ‘the composers know that the miracle of the performance is probably not such a thing, and they have to continuously go against our tendency to get accustomed to things – that is, they have not to give what is expected.’

The conductor closed his lecture pointing out that ‘always, in one way or another, dissonances and consonances are cultural echoes and resonances’.

The Chilean maestro will conduct the Concepción Symphony Orchestra at the free concert that will take place on Friday, January 8, at 21:30, in the UdeC Forum. This performance is a part of the activities offered by the Summer School and will include works by Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky.

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