June 21, 2016

A true milestone was achieved in the 4th Symphony Concert of this season, performed last Saturday. The evening included the local premiere of the “Music for strings, percussion and celesta”, one of the most relevant works by Bartók. Always clear and reliable, Paolo Bortolameolli’s baton was crucial for this first encounter of the Concepción Symphony Orchestra with the intrincate score. The outstanding Chilean conductor also addressed the audience, emphasizing the significance of the occasion and explaining some aspects of relevance for the appreciation of Bartók’s work.

Another milestone was the performance of the original version of the “Variations on a rococo theme” by Tchaikovsky with soloist Mario Alarcón, winner of the last Young Talents Competition of the Concepción Symphony Orchestra. The novice cellist displayed great maturity in his performance, particularly in the most delicate and lyrical passages, always supported with a transparent orchestral accompaniment.

The final part of the program consisted in Dvorák’s Eighth Symphony, perhaps the best ever composed by the Czech musician. With the complicity of young maestro Paolo Bortolameolli, everything flowed with freshness and spontaneity with an outstanding display of skillfulness from all instrumental families and some individual talents, including our concertino Pamela Astorga.