Cinemay Mondays, a series produced by the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation, presents the North American film ‘Child 44’, directed by Daniel Espinosa, on Monday, October 26th at 15:00, 19:00 and 21:30 in the UdeC Theater. Entrance fee: $1.200 (general audience), $600 (students).

In Soviet Union, Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy) is a security officer and war hero who ardently believes in Stalin. But when he investigates a series of child murders, the State removes him from his post and investigation in order to preserve the illusion of a crime-free utopical society. Demidov will fight to find the truth behind these murders. His wife is the only person who stays by his side, although perhaps she’s also hiding her own secrets.

Direction: Daniel Espinosa
Country: United States
Year: 2015
Duration: 137 minutes.
For audiences over 14 years old.
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