Leonardo Iturra, stage director of the “CASCANUECESCASCARRABIAS” show, talks about the role of the UdeC Ballet in this Christmas gift, which will be presented with free admission in four counties:

” I’m very satisfied with what we have been able to build with the group of dancers. They’ve done an excellent job. They are the ones who bring the dynamism to the scene… The Concepción Symphony and UdeC Choir are fantastic, as well as the actors and dancers. I promise you that you will have a great time. Go out of your houses and enjoy art!”

– Wednesday 16th December at 20:00 in the Laja Sport Gymnasium.
– Thursday 17th December at 21:00 on the front steps of the Chillán Cathedral.
– Friday 18th December at 20:00 in the UdeC Gymnasium, Los Ángeles campus.
– Saturday 19th December at 21:00 in the University of Concepción Forum.