The exciting staging of ‘Carmina Burana’ was performed to 12 thousand people. The combination of dance and music captivated the people from Concepción who went to the UdeC campus to enjoy this free and open-air event.

The musicians from the Concepción Symphony Orchesta and the UdeC Choir and Ballet, with main dancers Lucas Moya and Diego Rivas, and singers Patricia Cifuentes (soprano), Maximiliano Rivas (tenor) and Ramiro Maturana (baritone) brought to life the Carl Orff’s work. The visual support included giant screens displaying the stage action and the lyrics translated to Spanish in different locations in the university campus.

Such topics as power, deceit, lust, love in spring, were enacted through the dance and music performance. The choreographic director was Patricio Gutiérrez, who wanted to stage a reflection of our contemporary society, with its vices and dualities, represented through a constant struggle between good and evil.

The Concepción Symphony Orchestra was conducted by the Argentinian maestro Darío Domínguez, and Carlos Traverso prepared the UdeC Choir. Germán Droghetti was in charge of the costume and set design, which was one of the striking elements in this performance that involved frequent changes of clothes.

The event was the result of a joint effort of the University of Concepción –through its Cultural Corporation–,TVU Channel and the audiovisual enterprise Sono.