November 13th & 14th, 2015

The University of Concepción Cultural Corporation presents ‘Carmina Burana’, under its dance programme. Our Symphony Orchestra and Choir plus a ballet company will bring to life this work by German composer Carl Orff in two performances to take place on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November at 20:00 in the UdeC Theater.

Entrance fee: $ 16,000 (general audience), $ 14,000 (UdeC employees & partnerships), $6,000 (balcony & students).

Such topics as spring, power, deceit, gambling, lust, the abundance of wine and physical love, as captured in these Medieval texts, will be enacted for our audience in these performances.

Choreographic Director: Patricio Gutiérrez / Music Director: Darío Domínguez / Sets, lighting and costumes: Germán Droghetti / UdeC Choir Director: Carlos Traverso / Ballet Coordinator: Antonio Cortés.

Dancers: Lucas Moya & Diego Rivas.

Singers: Patricia Cifuentes (soprano), Maximiliano Rivas (tenor) & Ramiro Maturana (baritone).

Darío Domínguez Dirección musical

Darío Domínguez
Dirección musical

Carlos Traverso Dirección Coro UdeC

Carlos Traverso
Dirección Coro UdeC

Patricia Cifuentes Soprano

Patricia Cifuentes

Patricio Gutiérrez Dirección coreográfica

Patricio Gutiérrez
Dirección coreográfica

Lucas Moya Bailarín

Lucas Moya

Maximiliano Rivas Tenor

Maximiliano Rivas

Germán Droghetti Vestuario y escenografía

Germán Droghetti
Vestuario y escenografía

Diego Rivas Bailarín

Diego Rivas

Ramiro Maturana Barítono

Ramiro Maturana

Diseños de escenografía y vestuario: