17 July 2017.

Last Saturday, when the thermometers were showing temperatures close to zero Celsius, a warm applause welcomed Anaís Burgos to the UdeC Theater stage. Winner of the 7th Young Talents Music Competition organized by Corcudec, the local violinist, now studying in Santiago, offered with complete assurance and beautiful tone her performance of the brilliant “Scène de ballet” by Charles de Bériot with the Concepción Symphony Orchestra.

The program of this season’s Fifth Concert had started with “Inhabiting the ephemeral”, a piece by Francisco Silva, written in 2010 and premiered in Concepción in August 2012 as a result of the First Call for the Premiere of Works by Chilean Composers, created by Corcudec. Israeli conductor Doron Salomon exuded assuredness on the podium, achieving a clear and immaculate exposition of all the gestures embodied in this transparent and pointillist score.

Maestro Salomon’s virtues became even more manifest in Liszt’s “Faust Symphony”, a vast and challenging score the Concepción musicians had never tackled before. The result was beyond reproach and with moments of stunning beauty—among them, the sweet passage for string ensemble led by guest concertmaster Dorian Lamotte in the movement devoted to Gretchen, and the majestic conclusion with the “Chorus Mysticus”, when the symphonic narrative was expanded with the secure contributions of tenor Claudio Fernández and the masculine voices of the UdeC Choir prepared by Carlos Traverso: a great ending for a great symphony and a great musical evening at the UdeC Theater.

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