Cinema Mondays, a series produced by the University of Concepción Cultural Corporation, presents the Spanish film ‘La chispa de la vida’ (‘As luck would have it’), directed by Alex de la Iglesia, on Monday, October 5th at 15:00, 19:00 and 21:30 in the UdeC Theater. Entrance fee: $1,200 (general audience), $600 (students)

Roberto (José Mota) is an unemployed advertising executive who had reached success by creating the famous slogan ‘Coca-Cola, la chispa de la vida’ (‘Coca-Cola, the zest of life’). Now a desperate man trying to remember the happy days, he goes back to the hotel where he spent the honeymoon with his wife (Salma Hayek) only to find that it is now the site of a museum and an important archeological dig. As he wanders about the ruins, he has an accident that leaves him completely paralyzed. Moving him would kill him. The event places him in the spotlight of the media, which will change his life again.

Direction: Alex de la Iglesia
Country: Spain
Year: 2011.
Duration: 94 minutes.
For all audiences.
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