June 16, 2016

With two concerts with a full house, the outstanding Chilean singer-songwriter Manuel García performed his “10 Years Solo Tour”, as a part of the 10th anniversary celebration of his first solo disc release, “Pánico”.

Due to the musical bond that has long kept him connected to Concepción, starting with Symphonic Víctor Jara and then his own symphonic concert, Manuel García presented here a more intimate version of his disc “Pánico”, edited in 2005. On this occasion, and unlike the performances given last year in the Udec Theater and at the opening of the 10th anniversary celebration of that disc’s release, he went on stage without his band, just with a guitar.

These solo performances focused on the disc “Pánico”, and then gave way to a journey through highlights from his repertoire such as Témpera, Alfil, María, Carcelero, Acuario and Medusa, among others.