The Concepción Symphony Orchestra will close a successful year presenting an original Christmas play in Laja, Chillán, Los Ángeles and Concepción. Free admission, no invitations required.

In this occasion, the audience will enjoy a Christmas gift. ‘El cascanuecescascarrabias’ (‘The Nut-cranky-cracker’) is an original tale with music and dance, created by the Concepción Symphony musician René Ulloa. The story takes place in our own region: a nutcracker who doesn’t believe in Christmas and is living in an old Toy Shop window will receive help from a Russian doll and, together with a child’s wish, will transform the occasion in an amazing time.

The Symphony Orchestra will perform traditional Christmas music and pieces by such composers as Giuseppe Verdi, Leroy Anderson, Ludwig van Beethoven, Piotr Illich Tchaikovsky and Chilean maestro Vicente Bianchi.

Conductor: Celso Torres / UdeC Choir Director: Carlos Traverso / Choreographic and Stage Director: Leonardo Iturra / Singers: Feliciano Saldías and Marián Inzunza / Actors and Actresses: Julio Olave, Pamela Gómez, Rodrigo Beltrán and Magdalena Varas.

  • Wednesday 16th December at 20:00 in the Laja Sport Gymnasium.
  • Thursday 17th December at 21:00 on the front steps of the Chillán Cathedral.
  • Friday 18th December at 20:00 in the UdeC Gymnasium, Los Ángeles campus.
  • Saturday 19th December at 21:00 in the University of Concepción Forum.