August 16, 2016.

In a crowded UdeC Theater, the Concepción Symphony Orchestra performed the fifth concert of its Symphony Season on Saturday 13.

Led by the outstanding Chilean maestro Rodolfo Fischer, Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony stirred the audience. The Concepción Symphony Orchestra tackled the score with an infectious enthusiasm. In spite of being a work so often played, there was not a hint of routine is this performance.

The program also included one of the pieces selected in the Concepción Symphony’s 5th Call for the Premiere of Works by Chilean Composers: “Plegaria” (“Prayer”), by Tomás Brantmayer, a young composer from Santiago. It’s a piece with a meditative mood, from which a simple and touching motive emerges.

Also, there were elegant performances of one of Joseph Haydn’s Paris Symphonies (n° 85, dubbed “The Queen”) and one of Franz Danzi’s Bassoon concertos. The soloist was the Peruvian maestro Óscar Bohórquez, an important teacher who has trained bassoonists from our city in Karlsruhe, Germany.