Thursday, April 21, 2016.

The University of Concepción Cultural Corporation and its Symphony Orchestra have chosen the winners of the 5th Call for the Premiere of Works by Chilean Composers, whose works will be performed during the 2016 Symphony Season.

This initiative, supported by the Chilean Society for Authors’ Rights (SCD), promotes the work of national composers, providing a prominent space for the musical identity of the country and recognizing the diverse musical languages conceived by local creators.

The selected works are:

Rocío Reyes: Abalorios II [Glass Beads II] (4th Symphony Concert / Saturday, June 18)

Tomás Brantmayer: Plegaria [Prayer] (5th Symphony Concert / Saturday, August 13)

Sebastián Molina: Collage (7th Symphony Concert / Saturday, October 1)

Hernán Ramírez: Divertimento for orchestra (9th Symphony Concert / Saturday, November 5)